Project Backfire Post Mortem

Things that went well:

  • HacknPlan- Using HacknPlan this semester really helped our team be productive and stay on task. It prevented many people from procrastinating, keeping track of assigned tasks, and overall made a fairly smooth production pipeline to follow.
  • Weekly Meetups- Having weekly meetups this semester made it feel like we were a tight knit team. It helped strangers become friends and development partners. The meetings were a great time to recap the week’s work, and lay out what everyone would be doing leading into the next week.
  • Learning experience- Almost everyone on the team this semester had never used Unreal Engine before. We decided to take the plunge, even though we had a shorter semester and challenge ourselves to learn the engine. We were very successful in doing so and made a game that we are all extremely proud of. Everyone in their individual roles became better this semester at whatever they did. It was an awesome experience.

Things that didn’t go as well:

  • Under Scoped- Most people on the team believed we under scoped this semester. It was something we were aware of for the first few weeks and definitely addressed midway through the semester. However there were still times where some people had nothing to do, and felt like they could have added more to the game.
  • Due Dates- Using HacknPlan as a guideline for when things were due was initially great, but as time went on some things were not delivered on time, which forced some members to crunch days or even hours before a milestone. There needed to be a stricter rule that things needed to be due the day it was supposed to be on HacknPlan.
  • Communication- There was a lot of communication errors throughout the semester. The primary source of communication was Slack. Unfortunately some members would not respond in time or get back with others for things that may have been important. This caused production slow down, days before milestones.

In conclusion, this semester was in our opinions super successful. With a thirteen week production cycle there wasn’t much time to make the biggest game or the greatest, but somehow we managed to make something in between that, which we are all really proud of. Our game kicks ass and that is all we could ever ask for. Whether it was the hardships we faced or the success we had, we definitely learned a lot and can take that experience into our future projects.



Ben Taylor | Anthony DiDonna | Jarrod Swartz | Zeke Duncan | Jimmy Dalman | Tyler Ridgway | Martin Jerez

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